Herbal Remedies for Impotence Treatment in Men

Herbal Remedies for Impotence Treatment in Men

There are many herbal remedies that can treat impotence in men. You should be aware that not all herbal remedies for impotence in men will work in the same way. Some are better suited for treating certain types of impotence like sexual dysfunction.


Ginkgo biloba extract has been used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is rich in antioxidants that counter the harmful effects of free radicals. Ginkgo may also have other potential benefits, such as increased concentration and memory enhancement. You can also get this effect by taking Nizagara 100 and Kamagra 100.

Many men notice a decrease in their sexual stamina over the Golden Years. There are many factors that can cause sexual dysfunction, such as medications, hormonal imbalances and structural abnormalities. A recent study found that men may experience improved sexual performance if they take ginkgo.

Researchers discovered that ginkgo Biloba could reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk. You should talk with your doctor about the use of any medication. Side effects such as bleeding, stomach upset, headaches and nausea should be considered.


L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid, has been used to treat a variety of health conditions. It is thought to increase blood circulation and improve the immune system. It is believed to aid in healing injuries and wounds, and increase memory and energy.

L-arginine may be beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) according to some studies. However, these studies are still in their early stages and further research is required. To make sure that this supplement is right for you, consult your doctor.

L-arginine, which is a precursor to nitric dioxide, is a gas that the body produces. It dilates arteries and promotes blood flow. This is important for maintaining a healthy erection. You can also take Vidalista 40 and Malegra 100.

Pomegranate Juice

The benefits of pomegranate juice in impotence treatment for men include increased blood flow, lower plaque and better lipids. Research has shown that pomegranate extract can increase testosterone and libido.

Researchers compared the effectiveness of daily pomegranate juice to a placebo in a small study of 53 men with mild to moderate erectile disorder. The juice was found to increase the subjects’ sexual drive, although there was no statistical significance.

Dr. Christopher Forest conducted another study to examine the effects of antioxidants in males with low sexual drive. Randomly, participants were assigned to either a placebo (or a pomegranate) juice.

Both groups participated in a 28-day crossover test. The test ended with the men answering the same questions about their erectile function.


Yohimbine is also known by the name alpha-Yohimbine and is used commonly to treat impotence. It acts on the brain’s adrenergic receptors and is an alkaloid. They are found primarily in centres that are associated with libido.

Yohimbine has been studied by researchers and shown to increase blood flow to the erectile tissue. This is important in treating male erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe bark extract can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine is present in varying amounts. It is capable of acting on the body’s dopaminergic, serotonergic and adrenergic receptors.

Side effects can occur with Yohimbine, especially when you take high doses. Side effects may include an increase in heart rate, increased blood pressure, and irritability.

Amino Acid Citrulline

L-citrulline, an amino acid produced by the body, is one example. It is essential for the urea cycle. This is a metabolic process that creates nitrogen and other nutrients. This amino acid may be an option to prescribe ED medication if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

L-citrulline may increase blood flow to your penis. This could help your erection. You can also take Tadapox for a more difficult erection. These results may not be valid, so more research is required.

Citrulline could also be beneficial for vascular Health. It increases nitric dioxide, which relaxes the arteries and improves blood circulation. It also relaxes smooth muscle in corpus cavernosum (a spongy tissue in the penis).

A study of 24 men suffering from mild erectile disorder examined the effects on L-citrulline. For one month, they were given a placebo and then received 1.5 grams of L-citrulline per day for another month. They reported improvement in their erection difficulty scores after one month.

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